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Nathan Cahill, Molly O'Leary and Dean McHugh
Framework for Reflexivity: The Room Where We Sat (2014)
Inkjet ink on paper and found chairs

I began a collaborative practice by sending out an open call to philosophy students, offering an opportunity to work with me in the production of an artwork. The idea to pick this community arose through my own interest in philosophy. I wanted to create the collaborative artwork through a process of discourse and reflection. Over the course of the meetings I gave a slight direction by suggesting art texts to read for the following meeting in response to ideas that emerged in each previous meeting. Through this practice, the meetings took on their own arc of development, as they became informed by discussion itself. These discussions also projected forward as we thought about the culmination of the meetings; that being, the exhibition itself.

The resolution of the collaboration includes two texts on the ethics of the collaboration each written by a philosophy student who I worked with. Meanwhile the chairs are an invitation to create further discussion.

Nathan Cahill